Warsaw, Poland - May 27th, 2015 – Revenga Polska, the Polish practice of Grupo Revenga (GR), a global developer and manufacturer of railway systems, integrated communications solutions, information technologies, and electronic security, announces today that it has been retained by the prime Integrator responsible for the revitalization of the Pogodno depot to deploy its Flat Wheel Detector (FWD) solution for the tramway operator in Szczecin. Revenga´s FWD identifies irregularities in the tramway wheel “roundness” allowing for its proper compensation and improving travelers comfort thanks to the elimination of excessive noise and the potential danger of de-railing.

Revenga´s solution will be integrated with the Depot Management System, improving as a result the automation of data analysis. This contract, expected to be deployed in Q3 2015, constitutes for Revenga the second FWD project delivered for a tramway operator in Poland, contributing to the ongoing consolidation of Revenga in this one of the fastest growing railway networks in Europe.

GR Technologies, the mother company of Revenga Polska within Grupo Revenga´s structure, is today one of the world´s leading providers of Railway Inspections Systems. In fact, some of the elements to be deployed in this Szczecin project are shared with those applied by the company in the Marmaray Tunnel (the railway tunnel that connects, under the Bosphorus, Asia and Europe – one of the most complex railway works currently being carried out in Europe) where GR Technologies has implemented the most complete and cutting edge train inspection technology, which includes a full range of capabilities - hot box and hot wheel detection, flat wheel detection, dragging objects detection, loading gauge monitoring, pantograph checking and wheel profile monitoring.

About GR (Grupo Revenga):

Grupo Revenga (www.revenga.com) is a leading provider of telecommunications and information technology solutions, electronic security and energy efficiency. The company offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the transport, security and defense sectors, energy and utilities, public administration and telecommunications operators. With over 40 years of experience in projects deployed in more than 15 countries, Grupo Revenga relentlessly seeks technological innovation by investing in R&D and developing proprietary hardware and software as well as by partnering with leading technology firms.

Grupo Revenga serves its clients in different sectors from the following 100% owned platforms:

GR Technologies (Revenga Polska in Poland - www.revenga.com.pl): GR Technologies designs Integral Telecommunication & Information Technology Solutions and Electronic Security Systems. The company has four main product lines:

  • Railway Systems: Point heaters, level crossings, pedals for train detection, hot box and flat wheel detectors, IR inspection solutions for rail networks.
  • Networks: with in-house development of network passive elements and alliances with the best technological partners for active equipment: SDH, DWDM, TETRA, LAN, MPLS …
  • Information Technology: In-house development of solutions for private networks, customizing them for our clients needs. Intercommunication, passenger information systems, telephony, CCTV, Public address over IP.
  • Electronic Security: Access control and identification solutions based on RFID, unattended aerial vehicles (UAV´s), video surveillance with intelligent analysis, OCR (license plate readers) and vehicle detection systems, biometrics ...

3dnet.es (www.3dnet.es): 3dNet designs and develops complete telecom networks for carriers and clients with private networks (railways, airports, domestic and commercial real estate, etc.) in Europe, Middle East and Latin America. We also design, manufacture and distribute the 3dnet.es fiber optic product line, covering all needs in fiber optic deployments. Our online platform,www.3dnet.es, enables us to provide our clients with complete technical support globally.

Triedro (www.triedro.es): Triedro is a global technology and innovation company providing solutions and value added services in the defense and security, traffic and transportation, energy and telecommunications sectors. A sustained investment in I+D+I has enabled Triedro to develop proprietary products and solutions such as IrisView and IrisTrack, its leading family of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, infrared based detection and control services for prisons and other high security environments, remotely operated automatic mobile scanning systems and special equipment for rescue, border control and railway and airport security. Triedro is a Grupo Revenga company.

Ge2: Ge2 specializes in renewable energies and efficient energy solutions. Ge2's solutions are deigned to be deployed in residential and office buildings as well as in production, transport and logistics centers.

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